Our Foundry

We've built the first foundry for flexible industrialized organism engineering and we call it Bioworks1. We use our foundry to do the complex work of developing a wide range of organisms for different markets. Our foundry uses new technologies that make organism engineering simpler and faster than ever before. The integration of advanced software, robots, and biology allow us to rapidly design, build, and test organisms until they meet our specifications.

The Power of a Foundry

The conventional approach of engineering cells by hand at the bench is inherently slow and expensive. We know this because we've done it. We started Ginkgo because we believe a centralized general purpose foundry can perform complex organism engineering cheaper and faster.

Economies of scale of high-throughput processes reduces the cost of organism development. Automation & industrialization reduce development time. Experts focused on designing, building, or testing cells can deliver more complex organisms than generalists forced to execute entire projects alone. This transition from craft to industry is why we have affordable cars & computers in every pocket.

Just imagine what industrialized cell engineering can do for our society.

One Foundry, Many Organisms

We designed our foundry to work with many types of cells. This flexibility isn't easy but it is made possible by biology's tendency to reuse designs and components across a wide range of organisms. Wherever possible, we've adopted organism-agnostic approaches to designing pathways, building DNA, and testing organisms so as many species as possible can flow through our foundry. We're continually expanding the set of organisms we can work with in order to access even more of the potential of biology.

We love to give tours of our foundry.
Please contact us if you will be in the Boston area and would like to drop in!